We have now released the replacement for the elderly but respected ESL III and ESL IIIb speakers. The new speaker is called the ESL IV
        (I know, quite unimaginative!)

Go HERE to see more details and a review by one of the first users.

To go directly to Geoff’s review go HERE. Gary’s ESL IV page and cabinet service can be found HERE.

Frank’s ESL IV review can be seen HERE.

More information and updates are now available on our 505 mini panel page. Click on this  link or on the Mini Panel box to the left to read about it and see what it looks like.

We have updated the 505 page with some more information from a 505 user, click here Greg's Project to see Gregs project.

Follow this LINK to read a recent review for our new 3 transformer version of the Acorn ESL.

While we have endeavored to maintain our low pricing, inevitably there are some increases to be made due to raw material increases and the drop in the Oz dollar. Be sure to refresh this page from your server so you see the revised pricing.

Note, we still have some spare parts for owners of ESL III’s and IIIb’s available and still offer support (as always).

If you own some Quad 57 electrostatic loudspeakers that are in need of repair we have posted a complete repair story from Meinolf, a client in Germany. Click HERE to take you to this page.

Our flagship ESL kit, the Acorn, has undergone some improvements to the structure and electronics, go to our Acorn page or click here to see what we’ve done.

US Distributor:- Mike Beck at Beck Audio beckaudio@gmail.com

We have added a Donation Page to the web site. This has been created because we have had customers that we have helped through tricky repairs want to donate some money as a thank you for the assistance we have provided. 

Go to DONATE to read more.


Exciting new product, the improved 505 panel and dynamic bass system.

Following the unexpected unavailability of the 440 mini panel ESL we decided to create our own improved version. Our customer feedback on the 440 product was very good indeed with the only criticisms being low sensitivity and a narrow dispersion pattern.

Because we started out with a clean canvas we had the freedom to design to our wish list which has led to a very nice loudspeaker. The panel has grown in height a little going from 440mm to 505mm, width has reduced from 168mm to 150mm. The panel thickness has reduced from 8mm to 5mm allowing a very slender frame to be used.

These changes plus changes to the conductive surfaces within the panel have resulted in a panel with excellent frequency response, dispersion and sensitivity

As with the 440 mini panel, the 505 ESL panels are supplied ready to be mounted in a baffle of your choice be it Perspex, glass, timber, lacquered MDF etc. They come complete with a ready built and tested power supply and audio transformer. All you have to do is mount them in a baffle, connect them up and play some music.

 Go to our MINI PANEL page for further details


All of the prices shown on this site are in Australian Dollars only.

We are happy to provide a quote in your currency upon application.

We will provide quotations for freight or postage of components based on the weight of the package. We will normally quote registered airmail or Pack and Track for overseas small packages and will give a courier option if required.

We normally quote the best rate obtainable at the time of shipping for loudspeaker kits. 

While we make every effort possible to minimise customs duty and taxes, customers should make enquiries whether the intended import will accrue any additional duty or tax in their own country


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Side group
Side group

While we make every attempt to provide products and service that will suit most customers, occasionally there will be an application that simply does not suit our products.

E R Audio Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse sale of a product where, in the opinion of E R Audio Pty Ltd, it is not in the best interest of the client to provide it.

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We cannot be held responsible for any fees that are applied for importing any of our products. If you are in doubt, check with your local government to see if charges will apply.

One of our Italian clients has been kind enough to fully translate our Quad 63 - 2905 repair manual into Italian and has made it available to us to assist Italian repairers keep their speakers running properly. He has also supplied a brief description of the repairs he made and the equipment he used. The English version of this can be found HERE. Italiano HERE.


Final 0.3 and Martin Logan owners may find this of interest
We are in the process of upgrading our very well respected Acorn full range ESL to eliminate the plastic CNC support panel. The speaker will use 4 discrete panels on each side in the near future. This allows us to increase the bass panel area by around 15% without changing the width of the finished speaker.
I won’t go into this too deeply here but the new Mid-range / treble panel has been used very successfully in a pair of Final 0.3 speakers that had suffered panel fade.

The new panel is 920 x 200mm and will fit in the Final frame easily, it will also fit some Martin Logan models. No changes are required to the drive electronics.

Click HERE to see the panel fitted to Final 0.3 speakers.


If you have any queries at all for any of our products contact us on enquiries@eraudio.com.au

One of our local clients, Gary, purchased a pre-assembled ESL IV kit a few months ago and has now finished the project. The enclosures built by a local master craftsman are constructed in Cherry timber and finished in a satin clear lacquer. The sonic performance and appearance is stunning! In fact, so good Gary has decided to offer a construction / installation service for those not equipped to make their own cabinets and install the panels.

See Gary’s page HERE, which gives the full story and more detail of the service he can offer.

Click HERE to go directly to the ESL IV page

Frank in the USA recently purchased a partially built ESL IV kit, the panels were assembled by us, he chose to assemble the electronics.
Frank is very experienced with loudspeaker design and construction and along with a couple of audiophile friends decided to compare the ESL IV with the Quad 63 and Quad 57 ESL’s.

Click HERE to see his story and a couple of comments from yours truly.


More comments on Frank’s review, click on the link below.

Franks review has created a bit of a discussion point, with his permission, I decided to publish the email I received from Geoff querying the validity of a mono comparison. I have included my response to Geoff.

If you wish to add comments to this discussion please do. Send your comments to comments@eraudio.com.au and we will publish them in this blog (assuming they are publishable!!)

Click HERE to go directly to the review page, the latest comments will be at the bottom so you will have to scroll down to read them.

Geoff has very kindly sent in an update to his original post regarding the ESL IV.

 Click HERE to read Geoff’s latest comments.


Covid - 19

We are still operating during the Covid 19 outbreak, however we are experiencing delays receiving goods from our suppliers and with the outgoing postal services. Please be aware that some countries are not accepting air freight and any products ordered during this period of lockdown will be delayed. This is out of our control.


It is likely that Express Post will be faster than normal airmail with tracking, this may be an option to consider.

If goods are required in a short period of time, the couriers such as DHL, FedEx, TNT etc are still operating and can offer faster delivery than the postal service. This does come at an additional cost.


Please stay healthy and thanks for your support.


New comments on the ESL IV review, see below.

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