Diaphragm film - Minimum Quantity 10 Metres

3.5 micron
Genuine Dupont Mylar C 700 mm wide uncoated. Best all round performance. Price per metre

6.0 Micron Hostaphan Tensilised uncoated film, great compromise between performance and durability,
800mm wide. Price per metre.


US ($4.00)

US ($3.25)


per metre

per metre


12 micron x 800 wide uncoated Melinex. Tough and durable

US ($2.10)

per metre

12 micron x 730 wide Aluminised Low S/R, works best on tweeters

US ($2.30)

per metre

All film is supplied on a roll - not folded

Conductive Coating

Clear, best all round performer.
Our new clear coating has been under test for over 2 years and is now available for sale. This material does not rely on ambient humidity to make it conductive and is stable in dry or humid conditions. Exceptionally thin film coating adds negligible mass to the diaphragm. Can be diluted to produce desired surface resistance. 25ml of concentrate will make 100ml of usable coating. Typical coverage is 1ml per 900 sq cm (1 square foot)

US $32.20


25 ml Concentrate


Note, the above coatings are proprietary to E R Audio and are supplied on the condition that they are not used commercially, reproduced or analysed. Acceptance of the product implies acceptance of this condition.


Why mess with 2 pack epoxies? We have the answer to bonding diaphragms quickly and reliably to the air gap spacers

very strong bond in shear and peel. Slow curing gives time to get things exactly right.  Can also be used to damp stators to prevent ringing.  

US ($14.00) 


Cyanoacrylate + Primer,
bonds diaphragms to spacers instantly.
Excellent for achieving fast results.
Primer is brushed onto the film where the adhesive will contact it

US ($16.40) 


EHT Cable

Tried sourcing a genuine high voltage cable in a small package? We have silicone rubber insulated high voltage cable in 3.2 mm O/D rated at 10 kv.Can be used for audio signal as well as bias supply. Available in Red and Beige.

US ($3.40)
 Per Metre

Silicone Rubber insulated H/V cable.

As used in our Quad repair kits. Replace old degraded audio
H/V wire in your speakers or use for wiring up your project. Very soft and flexible 3mm O/D. Red, Blue and Black available

US ($4.60)
Per Metre

High Voltage Diodes, UF 4007

Ultra fast 1kv rated. Suitable for Quad and most other EHT supplies

US (95c)

High Voltage Capacitors .01uf 3kv rated

Ceramic capacitors for high voltage supplies, suitable replacements for Quad and B&W DM 70 EHT supplies etc

US ($1.15)

EHT Resistors

Genuine high voltage high value resistors are hard to get. We stock the Philips range of high voltage resistors in 10 and 33 megohms. Rated at 3500 volts, these are ideal for diaphragm bias current limiting.   

US ($1.30)

10 kv EHT resistors

100k - 470k 1 watt Metal Oxide Resistors. Used in the secondary side of the audio transformer in series or parallel to provide frequency filtering to the ESL panels.

US ($1.75)

Tensioning Gauge

This device is used to tension diaphragm film to the tension required for your project. Comes complete with full instructions to enable quick and repeatable results

US ($14.60)

Construction Manual

This 108 page* manual is supplied in our ESL III and ELS 5 kits. Can be purchased separately and used as a guide for custom design construction. Invaluable!
(*At last count, subject to continuous improvement)
Now includes construction notes for our Acorn speaker, better value than ever.

US ($30.80


Or emailed .PDF
(save on postage)

Copper EHT Foil

It is essential to provide an EHT rail around the perimeter of the diaphragm. This is best applied to the surface of the air gap spacer that comes into contact with the conductive coating. Our foil is 4 and 6mm wide, 25 microns thick, self-adhesive and can be soldered.
Specify which width you require

US ($20.50


33 metre roll


Termination / Connection Blocks

Essential for terminating the above foil tape  

US ($2.10)

High Quality Grille Cloth

Available in Charcoal or Black, other colours coming soon. This grille cloth is acoustically transparent and acts as a very good barrier to dust and insects that can cause problems with the operation of your ESL’s – highly recommended. 2 way stretch allows for easy fitting. 1.5 metres wide. Ask for a sample swatch!!

US ($20.35)
Per Metre

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Please note that domestic sales incur a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST)

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