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Alex from Belgrade has sent in pictures of his ESL project. The speakers are of Alex’s own design and use perforated printed circuit board stators.

Diaphragm film and conductive coatings are from E R Audio.

The following is a brief sound description by Alex:

Really excellent soundstage width and detail, and the
speakers are amazingly neutral - changing the record
is like changing the whole system, believe me (this is) a real
revelation after conventional boxes.
These days I will finish active crossover, with
crossover frequency about 150Hz. Below that, it would
be played by active sub (yet to be done).

Again, thank you for film, coating, and invaluably
useful information on your CD. Without this, the
first ESL project would never be realized.

Best regards from Aleksandar, Belgrade, Serbia and
Montenegro (or Yugoslavia, if you wish)

A stunning project, displaying warm rich mahogany with a black lacquered base, absolutely beautiful.

Sent in by: Misa
Belgrade Yugoslavia.

This is an extract from Misa’s Email to us. The speaker design is based upon our full range ESL III but has been customised to suit Misa.

There is something unique in their sonic appearance. They have the unique liquidness of the QUAD 57 and the sparkling highs of MAS, which doesn't irritate but reveal the atmosphere (of the recording). They also have low frequencies many great dynamic speakers can be proud of and all that with the efficiency of a quality dynamic speaker.… More pictures to come.

Colin from the UK

Colin has done it again!! Take a look at the craftsmanship in the Acorn and mini-Acorn enclosures. These Acorns are in pale English Oak and look absolutely magnificent. For comments on sound quality follow the link below.

Click HERE

colins 0102
colins 0202
colins 0302

Daniel from Perth
A modified ESL III with the one bass and treble section on a single flat panel, a second bass panel is held at an angle to the treble section.
See Daniel’s review of his speakers. Daniel's Review

Daniels 0102
daniels 0202
daniels 0302

Right - Latest ESL from Alex - Belgrade
This is the latest hybrid speaker from Aleksander in Belgrade –                                               
                                      absolutely stunning!!

ESL and amplifier etc

alex latest02

Alex rear view

Alex front view


Below - Colin’s ESL III’s


Acorn in pale Oak

Mini - Acorn, uses one panel from the Acorn speaker

Acorn in pale Oak

Below - Rob’s ESL III project

Uses a Vifa 6.5” driver in a 35 litre vented box

Below, Stuart in South Africa ESL III project. Beautifully made in African Rosewood

Stuarts Speakers

Bass reinforcement is a pair of 10 inch Paradigm sub-woofers crossing over at around 70Hz

Click HERE to read a bit more

Curved ESL Project - Building guide. Kindly provided by Chris Fox.

Click HERE to see Syd’s enclosed Acorns

Click HERE to see Matt’s Acorns and Pass Aleph IV project

Click HERE to see David’s Acorn project.

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