For those with damaged or not working Quad ESL’s, B&W DM 70, Final 0.3 / NSS hybrids or Martin Logan ESL’s, who are prepared to put in a few hours work to bring their speakers performance back to as new

These kits provide sufficient materials to re-diaphragm a pair of Quad 63’s, Quad 57’s, Final 0.3’s (Newton Sound Systems) or B&W Dm 70’s. The kits contain genuine Dupont Mylar C diaphragm material, conductive coating, applicator, tension scale, adhesives, foil tape for EHT rail repairs, EHT wire etc, and yes, there is enough material in the kits to do the repair a few times should you make a mistake.

The 3.5 micron film supplied in the kit also makes an excellent lightweight material for Quad 63 and 57 dust-covers, giving improved transient response.

Select the speaker you need to repair by clicking its image below to see full details.

Got a set of commercial Electrostatic Loudspeakers that don’t work or are making strange noises??
We may have the solution for you.


Quad ESL 63 and Quad ESL 57 - A Pair of Classic Electrostatic Loudspeakers

B&W DM70 pic0202

A pair of very nice B&W DM70’s

Clicking on the images below will take you to the repair kit page for that speaker. Go to these pages to access testimonials.


Newton Sound Systems hybrid
same as Final 0.3

Martin Logan ESL’s

The older Martin Logan ESL’s have now reached an age where they start to lose sensitivity, sometimes leading to complete loss of output on one or both ESL panels. On hybrid designs, this causes an imbalance between bass and treble, making the speaker sound bass heavy.

While we do not provide full repair kits we have assisted many Martin Logan owners economically bring their speakers back to life with a few simple components such as conductive coating, foil tape etc.

We can provide the necessary repair items and guidelines in the form of written instructions and drawings on the best way to carry out this repair.

Contact to obtain a quote for suitable repair items for your model of Martin Logan loudspeaker.

Click on the LINK or on the picture above to go to the Martin Logan page where you can get more details about possible repairs.



Martin Logan Electrostatic Loudspeakers

If you have Quad 57 speakers that are damaged, getting tired or have problems with low output or strange noises like clicking and popping, we have a step by step guide provided by Meinolf, Germany, who has just completed repair and restoration of a recently acquired pair of 57’s using our Quad 57 repair kit. You can access the full story here or go to the reviews page.

We thank Meinolf for providing the translation and pictures.

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