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The Quad 63 is an excellent loudspeaker but early models have now reached an age where they can become temperamental. The Quad 63 repair kit has been designed to address the most common issues found with faulty ESL panels, namely, low or distorted output from one or both speakers and strange noises such as hissing, clicking, popping etc.

Our Quad 63 repair kit contains all you will need to rectify these problems. There are sufficient materials to repair a pair of speakers and have material left over.
The repair is straightforward and requires normal handyman skills. The kit contains comprehensive instructions, which are normally
e-mailed to you. Instructions can also be supplied on CD rom if required.


Cost     AUD $280.00 

The most common problems encountered with the Quad 63, 988, 989, 2805, 2905 etc are, failure of the adhesive bonding the stator to its support matrix, diaphragm split along the suspended edge or failure of the adhesive bonding the diaphragm to the ESL panel.

In addition to the above issues, the Quad 2912 also suffers a diaphragm problem where a myriad of tiny tears occur in the diaphragm and slowly grow large enough to cause discharge of the polarising voltage, IE. hissing, clicking, popping noises.

All of these conditions are addressed with the repair kit above.

Quad 63 photograph reproduced with kind permission of Audiophilia - The Online Journal for the Serious Audiophile.

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Philippe, France     Johan, Netherlands  Guy, France   John, Canada

Now better value than ever.
The kit now includes 6 metres of 800mm wide x 6um thick heatshrink material for dustcover repair or upgrade. This is sonically similar to the original Quad material and improves the high frequency and transient response of the speaker.

Double sided tape is now supplied to attach the dust cover to the frame.

Mendo from Italy has kindly provided us with a version of our repair kit manual translated into Italian. This makes it much easier for the repair to be conducted by someone that has poor English skills but speaks Italian fluently.
Google translate was used so there may be some grammatical errors etc, but the main content is accurate.

Go HERE to read a short description of the repair and comments regarding the finished result. Mendo deviated a little from our instructions, mostly by improving some of the operations, you can see this in his description.


NEW.  Read the testimonial from Alexis based in France, GO HERE

A client in Japan has recently finished repairing his Quad 63 Pro speakers and is very happy with the outcome. He has very kindly translated the repair kit instructions into Japanese and has sent us a copy of the translated instructions, which we are authorised to supply should they be required.

 He has also offered assistance to Japanese speaking clients by email should they require clarification of any of the processes, and, due to their poor English and our poor Japanese, cannot ask us for clarification.

Many thanks to Seiji san, Japan.

Contact us for further information if required.

Important note for Quad 63 repair kit purchasers

An observant client has brought an error in our repair kit manual to light. The section that covers checking the EHT supply has an incorrect voltage stated for the transformer, this should be 690 vac not 960 vac - a slight case of Dyslexia on my part!!

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