Curvilinear ESL Centre Speaker

Designed for use in a full ESL home theatre application.

Electrostatic operation means that tonal quality remains the same across the front sound-stage. This is most important if voice reproduction is to remain consistent.

Mathews's system 802

The centre speaker shown above is the prototype for home theatre application. This speaker uses a curved ESL array that consists of two single stators sub divided into 11 separate sections. These sections are scaled to prevent a dominant resonance occurring at one given frequency.

Kit consists of stators, air gap spacers, film, coating, tension gauge, panel border clamp, adhesives, transformer EHT supply, power supply and regulator. The enclosure is not supplied.

Cost  AUD $$998.00 Domestic sales add 10% GST

   No Longer available

The following kit is supplied for home use only and may not be used for commercial gain unless authorised by ER Audio in writing. All photographs, drawings and text contained in the kits are subject to copyright laws and may not be reproduced or copied in part or in full without written permission from E R Audio.
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Please note. Due to the popularity of our 505 panels used as centre effects speakers, the project above is no longer available. We have left the details of this project on our site so those considering an ESL effects speaker can get an idea of how 2x 505 panels can be arranged.

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