We are proud of our reputation for providing free of charge advice for all ESL repairs or problems. Sometimes the correspondence between ourselves and the ESL owner is lengthy resulting in tens of e-mails, 50 received messages and responses is not uncommon and sometimes this is exceeded by many more email messages.

Naturally this is quite time consuming and can sometimes intrude on normal work or private time, however, we do enjoy helping where we can.

If you consider our assistance to be of value to you, we respectfully suggest that you show your appreciation by “buying me a beer”, sending a thank you donation to us.

This is not at all mandatory to receive assistance, we are happy to do it, but we are aware that our assistance can often save the DIY’er some hundreds of dollars. If you consider our assistance to be of some value then a donation as a “thank-you” may be appropriate.

Donations of any value can be sent to us via PayPal. Our PayPal address is


Just go to the PayPal website and key the address above into the recipient box, we will receive notification direct from PayPal that a payment has been made.


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